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January 30, 2017
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January 30, 2017
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Cellsense Plus

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Name:Cellsense Plus
Product information:
Cell phones and weapons contain elements that Cellsense Plus readily detects. Cellsense effectively detects contraband under the skin, inside the body or hidden on the body.
Cellsense Plus screens for contraband items in motion. Stationary objects are not detected, therefore, the unit can be sited in the proximity of metal doors, steel reinforced concrete floors or walls.
Many facilities deploy Cellsense Plus as part of a layered approach to security in conjunction with other devices.  When compared to hand wands, Cellsense Plus is faster and more sensitive because wands typically can only detect a few inches/centimeters in air and less when inside flesh. Additionally, Cellsense Plus is not dependent upon the skill of the operator.
Combining unique levels of effectiveness and versatility, Cellsense Plus provides unmatched options for detection and deployment for targeting cell phones, weapons and o