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February 2, 2017
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February 2, 2017
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CONPASS(People X-ray Screening)

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Name: CONPASS(People X-ray Screening)
Product information:
Considering that walk-through metal detectors cannot cope with all the latest security threats, the innovative personnel security systems invented by ADANI seem to be the best and the most effective solution for safety protection. Today when terrorists use more and more sophisticated techniques and means, such as non-metallic weapons, plastic and liquid explosives, and when drug dealers use human bodies as containers for drug transportation, the security systems must be enhanced by the latest technologies and solutions. ADANI can provide such X-ray security solutions at a reasonable price.
State-of-the-art patented and unique full body X-ray imaging technology for people security screening, known as CONPASS body scanner, has been created to detect concealed weapons, explosives or other contraband for checkpoint inspection at airports, prisons, border crossings and government buildings or wherever high security is required.
Every day millions of people all over the world pass through security checkpoints, hoping to do so as quickly and conveniently as possible. To provide this, ADANI invented innovative all-encompassing personnel security screening transmission X-ray technology for checkpoint inspection at prisons, airports, border crossings and government buildings or wherever high security is required. One of the most important advantages of these body scanners is the detection of all types of dangerous substances, including liquid explosives, even if they are concealed – not only under clothes but also in body cavities and prosthetic devices (biological object in the biological substance). Its capabilities are obviously much wider than the ordinary metal detectors of competitive systems.