LBC – Little Benthic Crawler
March 30, 2017
vLBV300 (-SeaBotix-)
March 30, 2017
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Key Features: ​
Versatile and revolutionary MiniROV system – The LBV300-5 takes stability and versatility to a new level with dual vertical thrusters. Increased vertical control and stability make the LBV300-5 a great tool in demanding conditions. Add the revolutionary Crawler Skid and you have the ultimate maritime security system. Highly maneuverable with added vertical control – The LBV300-5 has increased vertical power with the addition of a second vertical thruster. More than double the Bollard thrust of a standard LBV and increased stability too. The outboard thrusters enable the LBV300-5 to roll when the Crawler Skid assembly is fitted.