January 30, 2017
The Suspect Postal Bomb Container
January 30, 2017
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ARC 9 GT (Bomb Container)


Name:The ARC 9 GT (Bomb Container)

Product information:
The ARC 9 GT blast containment vessel is designed and tested to contain
repetitive blast events of up to 19.84 lbs. (9 kg) of TNT equivalent material.
The ARC 9 GT blast containment vessel is used by EOD teams for suspect
object, UXO or IED transportation or controlled disposal.
The ARC 9 unit can operate in a sealed mode enabling the mitigation of IED
containing Biological and/or Chemical hazardous up to the full explosive
rating of 19.84 lbs. (9 kg) of TNT or equivalent charges. The vessel is
equipped with pressure release valves and includes a sealed electrical cable
penetration device.
The ARC 9 has a sampling system for vapor and liquid capability.