January 30, 2017
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January 30, 2017
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Blast and Fragment Resistant Combat Boot

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Name:Blast and Fragment Resistant Combat Boot

Product information
The next step you take will be made safer with the world’s first standard issue blast and fragment resistant combat boot featuring our patented technology.
We believe a soldier’s best friend, next to his rifle, is his combat boot. Current standard issue combat boots do not offer much protection against anti-personnel landmines. Our blast and fragment resistant combat boot with its unique and revolutionary technology is designed to mitigate soft tissue and skeletal damage to the feet by deflecting blast from anti-personnel landmines.
BfR Combat Boot is designed to be used as standard military issue. It offers soldiers the psychological comfort of knowing that they are equipped with a measure of protection against anti-personnel landmines. Critical to the working soldier, it also offers physical comfort in that it is flexible and light and would not impede movement while operating in any type of terrain.