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FOG (Remote Detonator)


Name:FOG (Remote Detonator)
Product information:

Introduction of companies FOG GmbH
•    Development and manufacture of highly specialised electronic products
•    Based close to Berlin, Germany
•    Managing director and owner: Andreas Giehle
•    Customers: Armed Forces, Police, Special Forces, Intelligence Agencies
•    Involved in secret projects for the German government

Features 1
•    Fully compatible family of sophisticated radio-controlled initiation systems
•    New, next generation technology
•    Unique BAM- (Germany) and SUVA- (Switzerland) Type Approval
•    Suitable for explosive charges, disruptors, pyrotechnics etc.
•    Full Two-Way-Communication with comprehensive answer back functionality
•    Up to 4 (+4) or 8(+8) individually and collectively RC- queryable and settable channels/receivers per transmitter
•    Colour Display with adjustable brightness to provide a full status overview
•    Coded communication
•    RC-programmable delay periods -separately for each channel/receiver
•    Exceptional operating periods
•    Security Key for maximum safety
•    Easy, intuitive and fast handling
•    Highly un-sensitive detonator (Class 4) capability (optional)
•    Shock-Tube initiation (optional)