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January 30, 2017
January 30, 2017
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The Tactical Bomb Tech Kit

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Name:The Tactical Bomb Tech Kit

Product information:
The Tactical Bomb Tech Kit was developed by Bomb Technicians with extensive experience providing support to Tactical Units. The kit contains essential tools for the Tactical Bomb Tech including the WASPP, Multimeter, RIP Kit, 1st Line and Milwaukee tools. The slim profile backpack includes modular pouches allowing you to customize your equipment load out per mission requirements. The Tactical Bomb Tech kit includes external pouches for additional equipment, a padded pouch for an XRS-150, and a pouch for a nano X-ray panel. The pack also includes two sets of shoulder straps and two side pockets with waterproof zippers to house disruptor and initiator. The backpack is available in Multi-cam, Tan, and Black.
•    Slim profile, lightweight backpack
•    External dual pouch panel for additional equipment
•    XRS-150 padded pouch
•    Nano x-ray panel padded pouch
•    Modularity for mission specific load outs
•    Two sets of interchangeable shoulder straps
•    Two side pockets w/waterproof zippers for disruptor and initiator
•    Add on capability for additional equipment
•    Backpack available in : Multicam, Tan, and Black
•    Wire Attack Special Piercing Probe (WASPP) kit included as part of the diagnostic equipment