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Rocket Wrench CSL 50 Cal

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Name:Rocket Wrench CSL 50 Cal

Product information:
Rocket Wrench CSL 50 Cal RW is a new 3rd generation Rocket Wrench featuring a more robust design and the capability for enhanced torque. The Rocket Tubes, Breech Plugs, Venturis, Swivelling End Pieces, Roller Jaws and Clamping Screws are manufactured in tempered stainless steel thereby eliminating rust and long term corrosion. The Jaw Frames are manufactured in tempered aircraft grade aluminium to reduce weight. Weight has been minimised, 0.4kg lighter than the current UK in service Rocket Wrench, thereby enhancing snatch torque.

The principal features are as follows:

•    In standard format with 2 rocket tubes the wrench is lighter and more ridged than the current in service UK Rocket Wrench thereby enhancing the initial snatch torque
•    Can be fired with single rocket tubes each side giving the standard 50cal rocket tube thrust
•    Optional, 2 x additional Rocket Tube, giving the ability to double the thrust and torque when dealing with extremely tight or rusted in fuses
•    Optional Leadless Electric Breech Plug. The standard Breech Plug caters for Leaded Electric Cartridges. The optional Lead- less Electric Breech Plug permits the use of             Leadless Cartridges, in particular the CSL 0.5 Cal MP Cartridge which is common with the CSL Viper Disrupter
•    Multi role jaws featuring wide section roller jaws suitable for both parallel and taper fuses no jaw changing
•    Swivelling end pieces giving increased jaw pinch when the wrench is fired
•    One piece clamping screws with large nuts for easier finger then spanner tightening
•    Modular design meaning that damaged components can be replaced easily