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NOVO Digital Radiography

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NOVO DR Ltd. is the leading developer and manufacturer of cutting edge, Portable Digital Radiography X-ray Inspection Systems. We produce flat-panel based radiography inspection systems for the Security, NDT and Science & Art sectors. With decades of experience and intensive R&D our team works with the world’s most prominent companies and organizations. Our vast background in DR systems helps us take portable digital radiography to the next level and produce game changing products using ground breaking technologies.

Every inch of every product gets our undivided full attention. We carefully examine every part of every component in our systems – from design and material, through technology, safety and usability – to ensure it’s engineered for outstanding performance and durability.

Today NOVO provides the best of its kind portable digital radiography systems in the market emphasizing the following strong points:

  • Highest image quality – using the most advanced sensors and proprietary algorithm

  • Portability – complete set is lighter and easier to carry than any product offered elsewhere and provides over 16 hours of continuous operation using internal batteries

  • Efficient user experience – our systems allow easy control and image analysis using a native touch software on one or multiple tablets simultaneously to improve safety and productivity

  • Field work optimization – systems are exceptionally durable, designed for the harshest of conditions and are completely weather proof

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